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The Palestinian state

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Thoughtful articles about the state of an evolving nation:
The Palestinian people and their dream to build the first ever State of Palestine

The Palestinian state and its impact on the State of Israel

It used to be that Israel was the only democracy in the Middle East. The Palestinians are changing that for the better. Many Zionists are pro-Palestinian and support a two state solution, this means they explicitly support the creation of a Palestinian state. If Israel wants to have a secure border with a new Palestinian neighbour, and live not only in peace but in close cooperation and mutual support with this new state, the Israel government and people need to support the Palestinians. The good news is that they do, as seen by autonomy granted to the Palestinain Authority, the withdrawl of troops and more recently the unilateral withdrawl from Gaza. They also support them through cooperative projects as well as projects run by Israel to improve things for Palestinians. This section of the site is intended to high light stories and issues related to the state of the Palestinian people that may be of interest to those supporting them and wanting real reform. To much propoganda about the Palestinians is available and very little real information. Too often when Palestinians are mentioned the conversation turns to anti-Israel rhetoric and Israel bashing. We hope you find the articles here enlightening.

The Palestinian state

Palestinian Refugees: Factoids and the Palestinians right of return - Maurice Ostroff, 19 May 2007
Clarifying the myths and facts of UN Resolution 194, the rights of Palestinian Refugees and their treatment in various places.

Palestine: a new international mandate? - ZOTW & Palestinian State Information Service, October2003 & June 2006
Is a new UN mandate the solution to the problems of the Palestinian people?

Palestine: Fatah, Hamas and Civil War - Will There Be a Palestinian Civil War? - Pinhas Inbari, 25 June 2006
Is Hamas in the Iranian-Syrian orbit or the Palestinian one? Do they know?

Palestine: Fatah Vs Hamas - Barry Rubin, May 23, 2006

Drop the guns, live and let live - Andre Oboler, November 07, 2005

Growing up Palestinian in the Israeli "Occupation" - Sarah El-Shazly, December 18, 2004

The Twilight Zone - Sarah El-Shazly, January 8, 2005

Fatah gangs run rampant in Gaza - Khaled Abu Toameh, The Jerusalem Post, Oct. 13, 2005
PA figures show that Palestinians killed most Palestinians - not Israel. Palestinian controlled areas are in a state of lawlessness.

Related articles

Comparison of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict with Apartheid South Africa Shimon Zachary Klein
These days it is becoming very popular to compare the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with apartheid South Africa prior to 1994. This article explains both situations and perverseness of such a comparison.

The myth of international law Gerald M Steinberg The Jerusalem Post, Oct. 15, 2005
Has international law has become another weapon in political warfare, without any moral authority?

Muslim antisemitism and anti-Zionism explained Denis MacEoin provides a history of Muslim attitudes to Jews and the background to Islamic antisemitism and anti-Zionism, a ZOTW feature

Anti-Zionism is Racism Judea Pearl, The New York Jewish Week,  2005

Zionism is not a 'settler-colonial undertaking' David Hoffman , Mail & Guardian (South Africa), 28 June 2005

Do not treat Israel like apartheid South Africa Ian Buruma, The Guardian, July 23, 2002

Language as a tool against Jews and Israel  Manfred Gerstenfeld, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, February 1, 2004

The Jews started the war  - Again - Ami Isseroff, Zionism on the Web - June 27, 2005

Hamas, Neturei Karta, ISM, Zionism = Racism - - at the Anti-Zionist Resource Center, A Zionism on the Web Special Archive

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