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Zionism is suffering a concerted attack by those who wish to delegitimize Israel and the Jewish right to self-determination. If you believe that Jews have the same rights as other people to self-determination in our own national home, you can help fight racism and anti-Zionism.

The Internet is a powerful tool for good and bad. Islamists and anti-Zionists have been using it very effectively to spread vicious and racist propaganda. Help us build a support Web for Zionism. Create your own Zionism Web site and link to us. We will link to you and help get publicity for your Web site. Use the materials at this site and others to support Zionism and answer anti-Zionist critiques. Be an advocate for Zionism at work or on campus and in the media.

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External Zionism Links

This site provides resources about Zionism and Israeli history, including links to source documents. We are not responsible for the information content of these sites. These links are NOT intended to be an exhaustive reference about Zionism, but the list will keep growing...

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Please link to our Sister Web sites - at  http://www.zionism-israel.com   Information about Israel and Zionism

and http://www.zionism.netfirms.com The Zionism Pages

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Wikipedia article about Zionism - A comprehensive article including the history of Zionism  as well as links to specific topics and articles about anti-Zionism.

Zionism - Table of contents at the Jewish Virtual Library

Zionism article at Infoplease

Zionism - Definition and Brief History - A balanced article that covers the definitions and history of Zionism as well as opposition to Zionism and criticisms by Arabs,  Jewish anti-Zionists.

Labor Zionism - Early History and Critique - Contribution of Labor Zionism to the creation of the Jewish state, and problems of Labor Zionism in a changing reality.

The US Library of congress has a comprehensive and balanced set of articles about Zionism:

Zionist Precursors - US Library of Congress

Political Zionism - US Library of Congress

Cultural Zionism - US Library of Congress

Labor Zionism - US Library of Congress

Revisionist Zionism - US Library of Congress

Essential Texts of Zionism

Jewish Agency Zionism pages - Links to basic information about Zionism from the Jewish Agency

Ambassador Herzog explains Zionism in the UN


Active Zionism - A Zionist advocacy site with many useful links

Realistic Religious Zionism - moderate religious Zionist Web site


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