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The Metro's question

Gaza conflict

Was Jewish MP Sir Gerald Kaufman justified in making his comments on the Israeli - Palestinian conflict last week? * Read. *The overzealous paraphrasing of Mr Kaufman's comment in an earlier version of this poll may have caused offence to some Metro readers. We apologise for this

Yes, he is entitled to voice his opinions

No, his words were not helpful

The Poll Results

While we can count the vote... we don't intend to.

The poll aims to highlight why people would object. We would hope the Metro would be outraged to be compared to a Nazi party propaganda paper like Der Stürmer. There really is no comparison between a free press, one of the protections of democracy, and the propoganda tools of a facist state.

That said, with freedom comes responsibility... and this poll in the Metro was highly irresponsible. The editorial staff should be ashamed of themselves and the management should be asking some hard questions of their staff.

The original poll can be seen at: Metro.co.uk and voting is (at time of writing) still open.


In other news, a number of papers have reported that a UK company is now selling reproductions of Nazi-era newspapers on the streets in Germany. See Jon Swaine, Nazi-era newspapers being sold on Berlin streets, The Telegraph, 13 Jan 2009.

The current edition features commentary from Joseph Goebells (Hitler's propoganda minister) himself. These really aren't laughing matters. They weren't then, and they aren't now. Both these publishers and the Metro's editor need to have a serious think about the responsibility of the press. Freedom of the press is not a license to fuel racial hatred. It never has been.