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Recent News

Public Talks

Zionism On The Web's Dr Andre Oboler is giving a serries of talks in Melbourne. The first was for Melbourne's Masorti Synagogue, titled "Antisemitism and Online Hate: How to address the risk to Israel and the Jewish People" on May 3rd.

There are currently four future talks planned in Melbourne for June / July / August, with one being conducted via video link to Washington DC.

Durban Review

A new site www.DurbanReview.org, largely put together by volunteers (with some help from NGOs and academic experts) will be launched April 2nd. Zionism On The Web's Dr Andre has contributed significantly to the development of this new anti-racism resource.

Zionism On The Web in the Jewish Chronicle (February 2009)

We were please to note recognition of the work of Zionism On The Web in an article in London's Jewish Chronicle. The article is by Lucy Tobin and title Israel's cyber warriors (February 12, 2009).

Jonathan Hoffman, co-vice chair of the Zionist Federation, praises Zionism On The Web saying that,

"Fortunately there are many good websites where the cyber-warrior can find information... One of the best is Zionism On The Web (www.zionismontheweb.org) created by Australian Dr André Oboler, who also combats antisemitism on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube."

While we'd consider our audience "anti-racism campaigners" and "online activists" rather than "cyber warriors", we're please to know Zionism On The Web is still one of the web's leading resources in the fight against online racism.

Racist Academic Boycotts

The Academic Boycott Resource Centre has been update to include information on Sid Ryan and CUPE Ontario's call for an academic boycott (and the public backlash in reponse) and on US efforts to promote a boycott.

Iran's Press TV

On December 5th Zionism on the Web declined an interview with the Iranian Government funded Press TV (who have been providing a platform for Holocaust denial). Read the e-mail exchange.

Recent Articles

MK's Palestinian narrative

In May 2009 an Arab Israeli member of the Knesset visited Australia promoting the end of the Jewish state of Israel, but also expressing the confusion of the Arab Israeli identity. Zionism On The Web's Dr Andre Oboler analysed the talk in Jerusalem Post.

Facebook and Holocaust Denial

On May 15th, 2009, the Australian Jewish News published a story on Holocaust Denial in Facebook with extensive input from Dr Oboler. The article is "Facebook refuses to ban all Holocaust-denial groups" by Chantal Abitbol and appeared on page 9. Dr Oboler is currently working on a detailed report on the topic which will be published towards the end of the year.

Israel is a victim not an aggressor in the Middle East

A speech by Jonathan Hoffman, Co-Vice Chair of the UK's Zionist Federation at a debate by the Durham University Union, 14 May 2009

Obama's Administration on Antisemitism

Dr. Clemens Heni from Yale University highlights concerns with Obama's approach to Iran and his choice of Reverend Rick Warren for the inauguration prayer, and the lack of response to rising antisemitism in the US and around the world at the start of 2009.

The 2009 CUPE Academic Boycott

Our report on the CUPE Academic boycott of Israel. The report is part of the Academic Boycott Resource Centre which has been archiving press releases, articles and blog posts on academic boycotts since 2005.

The archives have been used extensively by researchers examining the academic boycotts and we welcome contributions from scholars as well as additional press releases from relevant organisations. Links to the archives are also appreciated.

Poll - Jan 20 2009

London newspaper asks if Israel's military offensive against Hamas terrorists who were shooting at them makes Israel comparable to the Nazis. We ask, can this paper, the London Metro be compared to the, Der Stürmer, the Nazi party propaganda paper?

YES - eliminating context and demonizing Israel is exactly what Der Stürmer would have done

NO - this is an insult. There is no likeness at all, the Metro just made a mistake when it tried to draw a comparison

Update: The Metro changed their poll question (and answers) about 4 times before finally removing it all together. We suspect the poll here may have given them something to think about. Thank you to those that voted.

Expert Warns on Internet antisemitism

An article on Zionism On The Web's CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, in The Australian Jewish News (October 31 2008) on online antisemitism and the threat facing society.

Interview with Dr Oboler

Each week the Australian Jewish News puts 10 questions to an expert. On October 31st 2008, just prior to Dr Oboler's speaking tour in Sydney, the AJN featured "10 Questions for Dr Andre Oboler: Expert on online anti-Semitism". This feature gives an indepth look at the issues, risks and motivation behind Dr Oboler's work.

Facebook and Google Earth: Anti-Semitism in Web 2.0

An authorised English translation "Facebook and Google Earth: Anti-Semitism in Web 2.0", of the German language article "Facebook und Google Earth: Antisemitismus im Web 2.0" writen by Christoph Gunkel and published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Germany on 14 October 2008. The article include comments from an Interview with Zionism On The Web's CEO, Dr Andre Oboler.

Goldsmiths', Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto

After attending an event at the University of London, Jonathan Hoffman has written an Open Letter to the students' union of Goldsmiths' College. The event promoted Holocaust relativism, antisemitism and outright lies. Far from "no platforming" racism, the union has promoted it.

"But I am a Zionist!"

An extended feature article for Zionism On The Web, from Dr Clemens Heni, Post-Doctoral Associate at Yale University. This article "But I am a Zionist!" discussed Germany, antisemitism, Israel, Iran, and the new American Presidency on the eve of the American election.

Comment is Free Report

A submission to the UK Parliment's Committee on Antisemitism on Antisemitism in Comment is Free by Jonathan Hoffman. The submission has caused a great deal of interest both online and in the community.

Facebook: JIDF takeover hate group

A brief report on The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF), a grass roots non violent protest group has taken direct action against the most well known antisemitic Facebook group.

Good news in the fight against online hate

This op-ed by Zionism On The Web's CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, was written in English and appeared in Agencia Judia Noticias (Jewish News Agency - Argentina) on Sept 4 2008 in Spanish. It highlights two highly symbolic victories against Antisemitism 2.0. NB: Reproduction (in full) of both the Spanish and English versions is both permitted and encouraged.

Google Earth highlights the 'Nakba'

Including a detailed interview with Zionism On The Web's Dr Andre Oboler, Stephanie Rubenstein from the Jerusalem Post reports (July 1st 2008) how anti-Israel activity on the Google Earth application has been stepped up. The message "Nakba - The Palestinian Catastrophe" now appears when users scroll over the orange dots that speckle locations across the entire map of Israel.

Google Earth: A New Platform for Anti-Israel Propaganda and Replacement Geography

Dr Andre Oboler's report into Google Earth in Jerusalem Issue Briefs, Vol. 8, No. 5, (26 June 2008) highlighted how Google Earth is littered with orange dots, which claim to represent destroyed Palestinian villages. Israel is depicted as a state born out of colonial conquest rather than the return of a people from exile. This use of Google Earth for anti-Israel propoganda is examined. The results have caused interest around the globe, including in the offices of Google itself.

http://Web of Hatred

The issue of internet hate was picked up in the cover story for the Jerusalem Report, July 7th 2008. Zionism On The Web's Dr Andre Oboler is quoted extensively. Natan Sharansky comes out in support of efforts (such as this site) to counter online antisemitism, "We need to have our own sites answering all their claims, and to get a lot of people involved. This is too important to ignore."

Wiki-Warfare: Wikipedia manipulated

Palestinian advocacy group Electronic Intifada manipulated Wikipedia (read exclusive analysis) in order to discredit and eliminate CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America). Penalties for CAMERA (who were trying to start an initiative to improve Wikipedia, in response to increasing Palestinian activism at the site) were made particularly harsh amid claims that this was a "first" and strong message needed to be sent to other organisations. Our exclusive research shows that Palestinian activists have been gaming wikipedia for years.

Zionism On The Web's Dr Andre Oboler raised this issue in the Jerusalem Post Wiki-Warfare: Battle for the on-line encyclopedia on May. 13, 2008. An Honest Reporting special report Exposed - Anti-Israeli Subversion on Wikipedia co-authored by Dr Oboler and Honest Reporting staff provided additional detail and recieved significant coverage.

Recent Discussions

A few topic with recent discussion include...

Selected Articles

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Google being used to spread racism

Andre Oboler reports how Google is being used to spread hate as racist sites climb the ranking of this popular search engine. In this Special Report we discuss the factors leading to this rise in racism online and what ordinary websites can do to combat it.

Update: March 24 2007 - Jew Watch hits page 1 for a google search on Zionism.

Expert Search Launched!

A new expert search launch by Zionism On The Web aims to help students and researchers find infomation on Israel and Zionism while avoiding antisemitic and racist hate sites. Far too many of the results usually returned by Google on searches for Zionism, Jew or Israel are nothing more than hate sites. With your help we can turn this around. Visit the Expert Search on Zionism & Israel

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