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It is one thing to disagree with policies of the Israeli government, which may undoubtedly be disagreeable at times. It is quite another thing when that criticism stems from an ideology that denies the Jewish people the right to national self-determination. That is a form of racism. Unfortunately, it is a "permitted" and politically correct form of racism. No other country has been singled out for this treatment, no matter what their policies. The Chinese have plundered Tibet and oppressed the Tibetan people, but nobody says that the Chinese do not have a right to a country. The Turks repressed the Kurds and the Armenians. Nobody said that Turkey is an apartheid racist colonialist warmonger state. The examples are endless. Only Israel, of all countries, is singled out for this sort of treatment.

Every people is entitled to a fair hearing. That must even include people you do not like!! It must even include Jews and our Jewish national movement - Zionism. Unfortunately Zionism has become a kind of cuss-word, not just in the dens of Al-Qaeda and remote Sheikhdoms where women can't vote, but in Europe and in the USA and in the UN, in the media and on the Web. 

Systematic delegitimization of Zionism has been "Politically Correct" since the infamous UN "Zionism is Racism" resolution of 1975, and it has not abated. This situation is mirrored on the World Wide Web. Depending on the day, five to seven of the ten first links retrieved by a Google search for "Zionism" are currently anti-Zionist polemics, including some obnoxious racist diatribes. Of the top 100 sites retrieved by a search for "Zionism," nearly fifty percent are anti-Zionist.

"True Torah Jews Against Zionism," one of the top-ranked Web sites (as of May 1, 2005), represents a tiny minority of  medieval Jewish religious fanatics who insist that only their view is correct and brands every other view as heresy. Another site offers us the following enticing introduction: "What Zionism is -- and its pernicious influence upon the USA." Its themes  could have been plagiarized from any anti-Semitic propaganda, with "Zionism" replacing "Jewry." Here is another: "A Crude Attempt To Equate Anti-Zionism With Anti-Semitism ... Jewish Persecution - A Primary Tool Of International Zionism"  "International Zionism" used to be the International Jew-Bolshevik conspiracy in the good old Third Reich of course. Many of the Web sites that insist they are not racists and that criticism of Zionism is not racist, have links to Mein Kampf, Protocols of the Elders of Zion and similar racist materials.  

Why they succeed - Anti-Zionist and Islamist Web sites link to each other and support each, passing around the same materials and publicizing each other's efforts.

According to Google, there are about 160,000 Web pages that match the query "Zionism is Racism."

The Web is open. There is no reason why decent people must keep silent in the face of this abuse. The unsuspecting high school student somewhere in Midwestern USA who has to do a homework assignment about Zionism should not be immediately confronted with the rantings of religious fanatics, Stalinist ideologues and racists, placed so that they seem like the authoritative "last word" on Zionism.

There are many more pro-Zionist  and pro-Israel pages, but they are not very visible on the Web. They are not optimized for search words like "Zionism" and "Israel" and they do not link to each other and boost each other's popularity.

We need to create a Zionist Web network that will encompass all shades of Zionism and promote the cause of Zionism on the Web.

You can help. Rankings in Google and other search engines are determined in part by how many other sites link to a particular Web site. This means that if you have a Web site or a blog, you can help promote decent and fair Web sites about Zionism.  Even if you are just a surfer, you can leave comments at Web log that allow them and in forums that include links to these sites. You can also start a blog or Web site for free and use it to promote Zionism. Feel free to copy any material at this Web site unless otherwise marked.

We have compiled a list of such Web sites. These are not pages that promote a particular Israeli policy or answer particular claims about the Arab Israeli conflict. They are all focused on the definition and history of Zionism. Please link to these Web pages and tell us - We will give you three links in return - one link at each and every one of our Web sites.

It seems this campaign has already had an effect. "True Torah Jews" is now (May 1, 2005) the third-ranked Web site for the keyword "Zionism." It used to be the first. However, the work is just beginning!

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